A Short Guide to the Egyptian Cuisine

Kushari -A traditional Egyptian dish.


The Egyptian cuisine has been influenced thought the centuries, especially by the neighbors from the Middle East by Greeks, Iraqis,  Turkeys, Syrians and Arabs. However Egyptian cuisine still managed to maintain its uniqueness, involving the local culinary traditions. Today the Egyptian cuisine ranges form the traditional dishes to many international delicacies, sharing similarities with other cuisines. Our short guide to the Egyptian cuisine will let you know about the most popular and tradition meals found in the land of Nile.

The most representative items used in the Egyptian cuisine

Bread is considered to be the main item in Egyptian cuisine. Pitta is the most common form of bred. Another significant item is the fava beans and rice. Beans are boiled or march with vegetables and spices. For breakfast beans are also popular and it is served with eggs. Falafa is a very common fast food made from spiced fava beans. Locals are very fond of strong flavor; they like to use garlic and onions in their dishes and fresh ingredients as well. Molokhiyya is a very common green leafy vegetable widely used by the Egyptians along with other vegetables as being the main ingredients in a variety of dishes.

National dishes in Egypt

Ful Medames it is one of the national dishes of Egypt, often served for breakfast. Its main ingredients are: fava beans, garlic, salt, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley and boiled egg.

Kushari is considerered to be another national dish, it is made of rice, black lentils, macaroni and garlic, chickpeas, vinegar and tomato sauce as topping.

Other popular meals are:



Lemon and Garlic Salad: consisting of red potatoes, parsley, garlic, lemon juice, oil and pepper and salt. Gebna Makleyah (Oven Fried Cheese) made of feta cheese or traditional cheese, flour, egg, salt and ground pepper, olive oil and it is served with pita bread cut into small triangle pieces for serving. Hamaam(small pigeons) and fish are often served as well. As the Egyptian cuisine share similarities with the cuisine of Eastern Mediterranean area, grape leaves, rice stuffed vegetables, falafel, kebabs are very common. Mahshi- it is known as stuffing of rice with meanced meats, seasoned with spices and accompanying with vegetables like green peppers, aubergines, courgettes, cabbage and tomatoes. Roza Meaammar  is a rice dish with chicken stock and milk and butter. It is served on almostevery important events.

Most common desserts

Umm Ali dessert

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Basbousa also called Harissa , its prepared from semolina which is soaked in sugar syrup, topped with almond. Eish el-Saraya is pancake stuffed with apricots or other fruits. Polvoron is a sweet dish with roasted almonds. Kahk is a traditional dish served as a dessert; it is a shortbread biscuit with icing sugar. Quatayef is the dessert served during the Ramadan; it is a sort of crepe filled with nuts or cheese. Roz be Laban is made from white rice, milk, sugar and vanilla with cinnamon. Umm Ali is considered to be a national dessert in form of  a raisin cake served in hot.

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