Budget Travel Guide to Egypt

 Salamlek Palace Hotel, Egypt

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We have to admit that a visit to Egypt may be a vacation of a lifetime for most of us and also a budget travel to Egypt is a desired trip for many of us. As comparing to Europe or North America everyday expenses are low in the country. If you are on a budget, the best time to go is in the middle of summer from July to September, the tourism low season when the country is less crowded with tourists. But we have to mention that these are the hottest months as well however if you do not brother thevisiting egypt in the hottest months, take a look at our budget travel guide to Egypt and arrange your holiday.


Obviously most of the budget travelers wish to find budget accommodations in Cairo as visitors can arrange day tours to the attractions found in the city, like: Egyptian Museum, Islamic Cairo, Coptic and the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar. And another advantage for finding a budget hotel in Cairo is that you do not have to spend a fortune for transport in order to visit the attractions. There are vast arrays of budget hotels; most of them have air conditioning, telephones and private bath. The pricing is between $30and $50USD per night. There are of course cheaper hotels as well, but to be honest they are filled with poorer Arabs rather then tourist.


  Ful Medammes

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If your purse is a bit tight, avoid eating in restaurants as you will pay over the odds. The cheapest way if you buy from street food sellers, just pay attention on the hygiene. Other budget alternative would be if you hit the supermarket and stock up with sandwich and cold meals. Bottled water, soft drinks and cigarettes van be purchased much less in supermarkets than in restaurants or hotels. Some budget hotels have restaurants where you can order evening meals, these are quite cheap but do not wait for culinary experiences. The best choice for eating home made meals visit Egyptian family style restaurants; they have good reviews as they are clean and fairly cheap.

Travel within Egypt

taxi in Zamalek


Due to its extended transportation system there are number of ways to get around in the country. Most tourist destinations have airports and the airfare is quite cheap. If you take into the consideration the trains, note that the fist class trains are highly recommended, however they are not the cheapest means of transportation. Buses are considered to be the most economical way for a tourist to travel within Egypt. Because there are huge distances, the journey can take long hours. To get around in major cities you have totaki a  taxi. Taxi drivers are friendly; however they often try to stiff the tourists. So it would be wise if you agree in the price before you set off. Taxis are really cheap in Egypt.


Egypt - Cairo, Khan el Khalili bazaar

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Avoid shopping areas which are nearby to the tourist attractions as they ask fortunes for their items. You will find many other places where you can get these items in less money. The best place to buy souvenirs is the Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, it is also the best spot where tourists can negotiate the prices.

Be careful as almost every taxi driver or tourist guide maintains an agreement with hotels, shops, restaurants. So they say that they can take you to the cheapest restaurant but just remember it is not sure that it is really the cheapest one, as they say it because they have a profit from this.

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