Cheap flights to Egypt

Cheap flights to Egypt

In the previous 12 months the cheapest flight to Egypt found at our partners sites was $643 r/t; the flight was operated by United Airlines, starting from Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta International in March, 2013. Taking in account rates in general February is the least expensive time of the year to go to the area.

Airline companies operating flights to Egypt

Altogether 68 airlines have flights to and within Egypt, 6 of these also operate flights in the country. Egyptair connects Egypt with not less than 47 countries and at the same time Egyptair links it with 2 USA cities. 68 airlines operate flights to the country, out of these 68 operate flights to other countries while the other airlines operate flights within the country only.

Airport info about the country

Out of the 11 airports in Egypt 10 are international airports and the others only serve on domestic routes. The busiest airport in the country is Cairo International Airport having 82 connections served by 48 airlines. You can fly to the country from one airport in the United States, because of that therefore have additional travel expenses while traveling to Egypt. Look for cheap flights to Egypt from the nearest airport to your home via our search box.

Fun facts about airfares to Egypt

  • CAI airport, the busiest airport in Egypt gets flights operated by 48 different airlines.
  • The medium price of an airfare coming from the USA to Egypt is $985 round-trip.
  • The shortest international flight to the country departs from New York and arrives to Cairo in only one hour and 5 minutes right after taking 5,815 miles (9,358 km).
  • May to September is the low season in Egypt, so than you can probably fly at a lower cost although this time of the year could be less amusing.
  • High travel season in is around November to February every year, so it is more expensive and more crowded at that time but also more fun.

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