Cheap Flights to Luxor

Cheap flights to Luxor

Based on the searches of our visitors, the cheapest flight to Luxor found within the previous year is $946. It was an airfare found on, a flight by Swiss International Air Lines. But, the cheapest flight arriving to the city that was ever found was a Swiss International Air Lines flight found on for just $946 r/t. Generally May to September, the low season is rather cheap for a vacation, but is’s also less fun at that time. November to February however, throughout the peak season is much more fun but more costly.

City information about Luxor

The city has got 1 airport that is called Luxor International. Altogether 12 airlines have flights to and from the city, airlines such as Egyptair, Thomsonfly, Qatar Airways, Transavia Holland and Transavia France. The airlines connect the city with a total number of 18 airports in the country and beyond.

Useful info about cheap flights to Luxor

  • The city is situated in the GMT+2 time zone, as a consequence, depending on your starting point, you have a chance to suffer from jet-lag.
  • Luxor International, the airport the serves the city, is about 1.18 miles away from the central part of the city.
  • The briefest flight landing in the city is operated by Luxor International which takes off in Sharm El Sheikh Ophira, Sharm El Sheikh.
  • At the moment some 422.4 thousand residents have their home in Luxor, Egypt.
  • The longest flight arriving to the city departs from Manchester, UK.

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