Hiring a car or taking a taxi in Egypt

Traffic in Alexandria


Do you prefer private transport rather than public one and don’t you mind spending a little bit more for getting around in Egypt by car? If so, here you will find some useful information about hiring a car or taking a taxi in the land of Pharaohs. Getting around in Egypt by car it really needs some nerves of steel. In the cities like Cairo and Alexandria you will face with congestion and you can hardly drive over than 20kmph. So driving in some parts of Egypt could be really hazardous, drivers hardly follow any traffic rules. There are just few traffic signals on the road and these are hardly respected by the drivers, they simply ignore it. Gas is quite cheap in Egypt but note that you might find gas station really hard in the middle of desert, so it would be wise if you fill up the tank once you are at the gas station.

Rent a car

Driving into the Sinai desert

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If you consider that you are confident in driving in Egypt, there are plenty of opportunities to rent a car on the land of pyramids. Because rent a car services are quite famous in the country, it is easy to rent cars at the hotels, at the airports and in the city centers as well. However you should know that car rental services require you to be at least 25 years old, holding an International Driving License and passport. Also a part of the charge should be made in advance. When you rent a car you should face with a set of specifications; if you rent it for business purpose or for pleasure, the model of the car, if you want to rent a cheaper one or a luxurious one etc.

Take a taxi

taxi in Egypt


Taxis are quite cheap and it would be the most convenient solution if you would like to get around in Egypt. You can do it by phone call, especially in Cairo or by simply hailing them from the edge of the street. There are 24 hours taxi services available in the main cities in Alexandria and Cairo. In Egypt you can choose from 3 types of taxis:

Solid White Taxis– these are modern cabs equipped with meters, however these are very rarely used so you can negotiate with the driver. You will find it comfortable and less expensive.

Bright Yellow taxis- it can be found mostly in the big cities, but note that these are available only by reservations. These are metered taxis with air conditioner and smoking is restricted in them.

 Older Black and White taxis- they have meters but are quite outdated so it is very rarely used, thus depending on the distance and time drivers can tell you the fare in advance.

There are standard prices but in order to avoid being overcharged you can ask at the hotel or someone whom you know for an idea, how much you should expect to pay and discuss it with the driver in advance. Most of the taxis start at £3.50, then 1/km after that. You can also hire a taxi for a day. The taxi drivers are quite friendly, they speak moderate English and if you discuss the price in advance and make sure that the driver understand where do you want to go (sometimes it happen that they do not understand the destination and they try  to get directions from you) it won’t be any problem with the ride.


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