Most Popular Drinks in Egypt

	Hibiscus Juice


Due to the fact that Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol, it is not surprise that alcohol in Egypt is not as available as in any other country. However do not think that there are no alcoholic beverages   at all, all of the hotels have fully stocked bars, and the biggest cities have pubs and clubs where alcohol is available as well. Thanks to the weather conditions as it is always hot, cold drink: juices and cocktails are the most popular beverages, having some really delicious ones that are served in every Egyptian household. Below you will find a list with the most popular drinks in Egypt.

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The drinking of coffee (ahwa) it is still a tradition in the Egyptian culture. The Turkish coffee is the most popular in Egypt. It gained its reputation for being tart as it is made from powdered beans which is brewed in a small pot. There are several version of coffee: ahwa sada which is black, ahwa ariha, it is just lightly sweetened just as ahwa mazboot, and ahwa ziyada which is extremely sweet. In most of the hotels and restaurant there are French coffee (Nescafe) served with the breakfast. You have to order  sugar and/or milk as well.


Egyptians adopted the custom of tea making and drinking from the Arabians. The tea is served with sugar, milk and lemon on the side. The strongest tea is the Bedouin, served in glasses. Shay bil na’na is a very popular mint tea, prepared from dried mint, which is mixed with tea leaves, and this mixture is brewed like in the case of a regular tea.

Hot drinks



Kakoow is a hot chocolate very common beverage in winter season.

Karkaday is also extremely popular, the locals say this hot drink calms the nerves. It is a red colored native drink made from dried hibiscus flowers, served either hot or cold.

Sahlab  (Orchid-Orchis Mascula) made from crushed orchis mascula, sesame seeds, coconut, milk, sugar with nuts and raisins on the top of it. It is served hot; Coffee shops have really good ones.

Cold drinks

Mowz bil-Laban( Banana with milk)/Jawafa bil-Laban(Guava with Milk) are very delicious cold drinks. Strawaberry Juice and Mango Juice are two refreshing juices in Egypt.

Qasab(Sugarcane Juice) it is considered to be a uniquely Egyptian drink. Sugarcane is planted all over the Southern part of Egypt.

Tamrhindi juice is similar to the hibiscus juice; it is served at dinner in many household.

Qamar Al-Din is a stewed apricot juice mostly served at the time of the Ramadan.

Sobia is a favorite coconut and milk drink for kids, it can be found at every dinner table.

Kharoob (carob juice) it is a dark drink, the best one can be found in Alexandria.

Watermelon and Cantaloupe Juice are among the best choices on hot summer days.

Faryouz is a very popular drink as well it can be found in several flavors such as Peach, Pear, Apple or Pineapple.

Pepsi, Coke, Seven-Up, Fanta, Schweppes are all available in Egypt.

Alcoholic drinks


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As we know most of the Muslims refrain from alcoholic drinks, however wine, beer and liquor can all be found in restaurants and grocery shops. There are some local beer Stella, light lager, Marzen, dark beer and Aswanli is a dark beer produced in Aswan.

The local rum is quite good. The really good liquors are imported hence they are limited and expensive.

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