Must-do adventure travel ideas in Egypt

 Desert safari in Egypt


In an earlier topic about Egypt we listed the most amazing ancient historical spots on the land of pyramids. However I’m sure once you have the opportunity to visit Egypt you would like to try all of the adventures offered by the land of the pharaohs. Egypt has much more to offer than the pyramids, temples and Sphinx. Diving in the Red Sea, exploring the desert, cruising on the Nile are just some of the adventures that you shouldn’t miss out if you visit this amazing country.
So travel back in time and have a look at some of the adventures offered by the land  the pharaohs.

Desert Safari

If you are a person with an adventurous soul and do really enjoy the beauty of the desert and on the top of this you really want to explore the white desert, while you are spending the night under the stars, you should NOT miss out a safari adventure. Tracing the footsteps of the pharaohs is a perfect escape from the chaotic, busy life of Egyptian cities. So if you are looking for an excitement and unique holiday in the ancient civilization browse from safari types offered by  the tourist agencies. There you can choose from organized safari tours from two days trips for a longer period. However most of the desert safaris are short in time because of the wild weather of the deserts. In summer the weather could be really hot, around 40 C degree so the best time for safaris is from October till April.

Nile River Cruise

Feluccas on the Nile at Aswan, Egypt

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If you think that a safari in the desert  is too tough for you and you are looking for a less physically stiff excitement, you should explore the fascinating land of the pharaohs along with a Nile River Cruise. Traveling on the feluccas is a great way to explore the monuments built along the Nile. Feluccas are Egyptian traditional sailboats and the circumstances on it are rather simple than luxurious but its worth to try it once you are in Egypt. It could be a really enjoyable adventure while you are sleeping on a deck under the stars.  Of course you can choose a more comfortable and luxurious Cruise on a  big ship, but bear in mind the best periods for river cruise are from October to March.

Camel trek

Camel trek

There is no trip to Egypt without trying the camel trek at least once. Camels are called as the “ships of the desert” due to their unusual swaying gain, so there is one thing that you shouldn’t forget; camels are not horses so do not have to sit astride. It would be really useful information if you are going on a camel trek which lasts for a few hours. Do always follow the camel owner’s instructions regarding to the proper way of sitting on the camel in order to sit comfortable and to really enjoy it. Also you should be aware that camel owners always try to extort money from the tourist. So here is a good advice: agree in advance the length of the ride and the price of it. Sometimes they want to take advantage on the situation for instance when  they take you to a point and leave you there in the middle of nowhere, so in order to get back you also need a ride and of course it costs extra money. So the best way if you discuss the details before the ride.

Diving in the Red Sea

Diving in the Red Sea


Did you know that the red sea takes it name from the periodic algal blooms which paint the sea with the reddish hue? And did you know that it is known as a paradise of diving due to the facts that it is the warmest sea with a very little wave action and because it has crystal clear water? If you are charmed by the idea of diving in the Red Sea be aware that the water temperature varies during the year. It is around 30 degrees Celsius from June to August but it could be quite low in February when it is just 20 C.

These must-do adventure travel ideas are not very expensive but are really exciting and a once in a lifetime experience. So if you are in the country, don’t just sit around in your all-inclusive hotel, get out and meet the real Egypt!

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