The best 3 reason for Safaga Vacations

Luxor Temple, ©watchsmart/Flickr

Safaga is a beautiful town on the coast of the Red Sea, located 33 miles of Hurghada to south. This port is not big, but it is a great tourist area, which is, involves a lot of bungalows and resting place and hotels. Winner and world traditional water sports, curative spas, deluxe resorts, and accommodations waiting visitors on Safaga Vacations. There are a few areas of the world that gives access to classical water sports the example: windsurfing, kite, scuba diving, snorkeling, also health treatments, therapeutic waters and some of the most well-known and familiar historical locations in the world. Safaga’s port town on the Red Sea is a place that can pride such a wide-ranging appeal.

Water Sports

Vacations in Safaga are quickly becoming a popular choice with Egyptians and with travelers from the world; this is due to many exciting factors. Here are organizing many water sports. This region is a well-known destination for champion windsurfers and kite surfers, and it was the host of the World Championships in the year of 1993 in windsurfing.

Watersports at Safaga, ©phogel/Flickr

Furthermore, Safaga known for its significant scuba diving, measured to be the very best in the entire Red Sea area. Those people who are enjoying Safaga vacations committed to diving going to be certain to see mantas and sharks and also reefs high as a tower absolutely unspoiled by human intervention.

A Curative Tourism Center

The water sport activities causes many people in Safaga for vacation, but the physical waters also brings people increasingly to the area. Safaga exports phosphates and the part’s black sand dunes and springs of mineral, furthermore the extremely saline and mineral-rich waters get a lot of patients with arthritis and those who are looking to recover the condition of their skin. In fact, Safaga is the major curative tourism center within the future decade.

Pure water at Safaga, ©andrea.prave/Flickr

Ancient world

At the end let’s mention that Safaga is the only around two hundred kilometers from Luxor, the historic location of numerous major features of antique Pharaonic Egypt. Guests enjoying Safaga vacations easily could arrange a day for a trip to the ancient capital and plan to visit the Kings’ Valley, also the Luxor Temple, and the Karnak Temple before they make the journey back to their inn or resort.

Luxor Temple, ©watchsmart/Flickr

At this time Safaga is home to some superb hotels, bungalows and housing that are continuing to make it one of the more accepted and amazing choices for a vacation in the Red Sea area of Eastern Egypt.

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