The most attractive Holiday Tours in Egypt

Dahai, Sinai, ©jay8085/Flickr

If you love the history and the mythology surrounding it, Egypt is the best location you should visit. This country offer you more than just wonderful beach and water sports there are such ancient sites than nowhere in the world. Throughout history, this country draws people from all over the world, perhaps the Ancient Greeks being the first to tour to the country simply to discover its ancient sites and monuments. They were possibly the first to visit Egypt as tourists, and you can be between the latest, but not the last. This marvelous land without a doubt continues to attract visitors in the future too.

The Mainland

No more country has so much well-known archaeological wonders than the Egypt mainland. The ancient monuments attract people for numerous reasons. Some of them just want to escape from a modern lifestyle and wonder at the statues made by the hand of men many years ago. If you are interested in  this wonders the holiday tours in Egypt would be perfect for you.

Egypt is a big country expanding from Memphis and Alexandria on the edge of the Mediterranean down to Sudan far to the south. Dividing into East and West exactly like the River Nile itself. Egypt is an abundant land for travel experiences. The temples and the monuments last as undying markers of the presence. These are staying as very important testaments. They are amazing that formed the countries identity throughout the long history. They are worth a visit, with Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza, Karnak, Luxor and so on. There are many sites to enjoy, just come!

Sphinx, ©Keith Yahl/Flickr

The Nile River

The river Nile has to be part of your Egypt holiday tour. This river brought harvest and life to Egyptian people for thousands of years. The ancient’s belief was that Hapi is the goddess of the river. She is protecting their harvest and feed the big festival of Osiris every year. The people gave homage to her.

Ancient armies came along this river, fights were fought over it, and secret dreams were formed by it. Those men and women who look for adventure can relive the glorious days of Pharaonic Egypt, the performance of Roman heroes Queen Cleopatra and Marc Antonyand the making legends of antique Egypt. The visitors can aboard themselves their own river ark.
Whoever looks for the diversity holiday package in Egypt has to know, there is no monument in this mysterious land is greater than the magnificent River Nile.

Views along the River Nile, ©Michael Gwyther- Jones/Flickr

The Red Sea and Sinai

Those who love the water sports activities can find a range of possibilities at the Red Sea resorts. Scuba Diving is the longest well-known industry in the Sinai, with the towns like Dahab, Sharm El Sheik and Hurghada excellent diving locations by most divers.

Dahab is a great place for windsurfing; it is about an hour north of Sharm. The diving is also wonderful and a little bit relaxing than in the larger neighbors. Hurghada is more peaceful. There are trips to Mount Sinai, or as the people known Moses Mountain, depart from Dahab and Sharm El Sheik, taking in the quiet majesty of St Catherine’s Monastery; the oldest Christian religious spot in the world.

Dahai, Sinai, ©jay8085/Flickr

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