Top 3 beach resorts in Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh. Naama Bay.


After exploring the desert and visiting Sphinx, the pyramids and temples, you might wish for an ideal place where you can spend the rest of your holiday. Egypt beaches with their crystal clear water and sandy shores are known as the best beaches in the world. It is a paradise for water sports lovers. Parasailing, deep sea fishing, diving, snorkeling are just some of the activities offered by the stunning beaches. Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Dahab are the most visited beaches in Egypt. These beach resorts listed below offer everything that a tourist might wish for on the land where the ancient civilization and modern world appear together. There is just one important thing that you should bare in mind, that  Egypt has an Islamic culture which you have to respect , so you might not want to walk around topless at the beach.

Sharm el Sheikh

  Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt

shark 2 Strange LukeSharm el Sheikh

Sharm el Sheikh is known as on of Egypt’s top holiday destinations. Located on the Southern part of the Sinai Peninsula, it is a perfect choice of a splendid holiday. Surrounded by the Red Sea and Sinai Mountains it is an enchanted spot on the land of pharaohs. During the years this small fishing village developed into a vibrant, cosmopolitan tourist resort. Sharm el Sheik beaches are known worldwide for its famous diving sites. Cristal clear waters, golden sand, golf courses, high quality restaurants and luxuries hotels all contributed to the excellent reputation of the beaches. Water sports lovers will find this beach resort a paradise of diving, surfing, fishing parasailing and canoing. It is ranked as a family orientated resort with theme parks, golf and tennis court health clubs, diving centers etc. So there is now way of getting bored even though when you are already uninterested lying all day on the golden sand, desert safaris, diving, camel riding, hiking are some of the adventures that you can not resist as a day trip.


  Hilton Long Beach Hotel, Hurghada, Egypt.


Hurghada it is listed as one of the most visited tourist centers in Egypt. Situated on the South of Suez canal on the East coast of Egypt it is on of most popular and attractive holiday destination for foreigners. Similarly to Sharm el Sheikh there is an easy access to Hughada because it has its own airport with excellent connections with Asia, Europe and Middle East. Depending on your budget you can choose from the abundance of accommodations from simple guest houses to luxurious and sophisticatedly decorated hotels. Hurghada beaches have a vibrant nightlife.  There are plenty of entertainment venues with bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Due to the warm water it hosts species of fishes and unique underwater gardens. It’s a wonderful beach resort where you can enjoy the splendid atmosphere of the beach paradise.


Dahab and Blue Beach


Dahab is a smaller beach resort situated on the East coast of the Sinai Peninsula just an hour away from Sharm el Sheikh. Comparing to the other two beach resort mentioned above it is a small, quite beach with its own charm. Due to its wind records and its windsurfing center those who are water sports lovers it would be the best spot for practicing wind surfing. The bars, restaurants and cafes assure you the joy of enchantment offered by the Dahab beaches. Coral gardens and amazing marine life makes this resort so attractive that you wish you could spend your whole life in such a paradise of beaches. The beach is surrounded by a uniquely friendly and relaxing local village atmosphere. So if you are looking for a quite and delightful beach resort, where scuba  diving and windsurfing are just a few ideas of must do adventures, the Dahab beaches should definitely be on your holiday destination list.

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