Top 5 bazaars in Cairo

Khan Al Khalili


There is no perfect holiday without buying some memorable souvenirs especially in Egypt, which is world famous for about its very popular bazaars. So buying souvenirs is a must do ritual in the Egypt, where souvenir business still flourishing. If you are the one who likes the hustle and bustle of bazaars and you also has a great sense for beating the prices down, Cairo is the best spot for you. The tradition of buying and selling, haggling and bargaining could be a great fun. The open air markets are called “souk” in Arabic. The city has always been an important trade center, where the bustling maze of alleys creates the atmosphere of bazaars. The products are varied, satisfying various tastes. As there are many tourists visiting the bazaar, these are Cairo’s major draws, so in the following lets see the top 5 bazaars in Cairo.

Khan Al Khalili

Khan Al Khalili is the most important bazaar in Middle East. Located in the heart of Islamic Cairo, the bazaar is brimming with antique like souvenirs, combining ancient Egyptian, Islamic and Coptic elements. The Medieval atmosphere of this authentic market provides hours of excitement for visitors, who can still found treasures in the market. The bazaar is famous for spices, clothing, perfumes, jewelry and handcrafts.  For a break from the heat, there are a number of coffee shops and restaurants, where drinking traditional Egyptian beverages are a must and pleasant experience. Remember the prices are not fixed, try to bargain.

Souk El Tawfiqia

It is a very popular market, selling a variety of fruits and vegetables. The market is a place of attraction for visitors where they can find the most rare kind of fruits and vegetables in the whole world, as there are many imported fruits like American apples and cherries, Syrian apricots, Tunisian dates and many else.

El Mosky

 El Mosky Chandelier Market


It is considered to be the place where visitors can found every thing they have their mind, thanks to the fact that it combines all kinds of industries. It also has clothes stores, food stores, perfumery shops with the weirdest perfumes.  There are 2 streets belonging to the market, one for electric instruments and the other for the chandeliers.

Camel market

Hundreds of camels can be found in Cairo’s camel market. It is known as the biggest camel market in Egypt. Many traders go to the market to get health meat and cheap camels. Tourists are going to the market to see the largest gathering of the camels.


Is the main center of hand made carpets, but you can buy there whatever you need such as jewelry, silver, cotton and wool textiles, leather on unique prices. It is a

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